Day 1

One StepFor the next year, I will be journaling my adventure of inner and outer reinvention.  My plan is to become physically fit, to form new healthy relationships, to define a clear plan for becoming a coach (career change), to develop a closer relationship with my heart and guides, to learn to play and take healthy risks, to learn how to meditate, and to probably buy a cat.

I’m creating this blog to help keep me accountable and I welcome comments, questions, and your feedback!

I’m an alcoholic in recovery with nearly one year of sobriety.  The last time I had this much sobriety, 11 months and five days, was over ten years ago.  It’s been a struggle for me to get and stay sober, and with seven in-patient treatment centers behind me, my ultimate goal is to be able to show this blog as proof to clients that if I can change my habits and behavior – anyone can.

Here goes!



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