Day 3

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


So – get a load of this.  During my peer coaching class last night, J told me that he had a client for me.  He’s already a coach with Tony Robbins, but he’s getting a new certification through the program I’m taking.  I was super surprised and excited and said “OKAY” when he asked me to email him about the client this morning.

I did.

And the client turned out to be –

His mother.


I could not believe it.  I don’t know J.  He lives in another state – we’ve never met.  We’ve only been in our coaching program together for three months!

I just had to share this.  I am honored that he would trust me to help his mother.


Moving forward – I have a question and I wonder which one among you will answer me this: did I make an excuse today for exercising when I substituted it for cleaning a three-bedroom house?  It was a two-hour job and yes, it has a second story.  (No, I do not look that fit – yet.  On the upside, I am not a cartoon.)

cleaning exercise


I want to share an exercise that we’re working on in my coaching class.  We recently took several assessments to discover our needs and core values.  I’m not talking about essential needs that everyone shares like air and water.  I’m talking about personal needs – the needs you don’t necessarily share with your partner or family.  For example – I need to live in a quite and peaceful environment.  This is a need for me and not a want because I don’t function well around noise.  My block-out-the-noise filter doesn’t work.  I also need clarity and accuracy in my communications and exchanges. Those things are a big deal to me, but to you, maybe not so much.  Core values work in a similar way in that they’re personal.

Here are several examples of the difference between a need and a want.  You want a new car.  You need reliable transportation to get to work.  You want to travel the world.  You need to have different cultural experiences.  You want a million dollars.  You need to feel financially secure.  Your needs and your personal values make you YOU

Why is it important to know your needs and values?  Because when people live a life that is not in alignment with their needs and values – they suffer.  They wake up unhappy, unmotivated, unfulfilled, and uninspired and these feelings affect the body.  People know intuitively that something is wrong, but they don’t know what.  This can be especially weird when someone acknowledges that he or she has everything they want.  “Why am I so down when I don’t need a thing?”

Wanting, needing, and valuing aren’t the same.

I’m including a couple of links here in case you’d like to discover your needs and core values.  Discovering them and then implementing them into your life on a daily basis might just change your life. How?  Because knowing them will change your perspective!

Rocky bubble

(My screensaver image that I think is so cool!)

Knowing your values might make you feel better about getting out of bed every day because you’ll know yourself a little bit better.  Or maybe you’ll be shocked to discover that you value teaching (for example) when the thought of teaching has never crossed your mind even though in reality, you teach regularly to co-workers or whomever in the form of explanations and sharing things because it comes naturally to you.  Regardless – these assessments are fun and they don’t take too much time.

This first link will take you to Cheryl Weir’s site. Her assessment is a little pricey and it’s lengthy, but I’m including it because it’s the assessment we took in class.  It’s detailed and spot-on.  This link will take you to a bizarrely frustrating site that forces you to choose what’s most important to you in ranking order.  You might be surprised at how long it takes to sort through the list and at what your results are.  But when you realize the top four or five values, you can then begin to figure out how to piece them into your life if they’re not already there, resulting in a happier healthier YOU!


There are loads of needs and values assessments out there and google is your friend in this case.  Have fun with it.  Self-discovery is exciting!  It makes the universe feel a little friendlier!
See you tomorrow!  🙂

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