“The Two Most Important Days …

in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  Mark Twain

So – this is really interesting.  Right now, we’re working on discovering our life purpose.  I have one.  You have one.  Your partner has one.  Your kids/siblings each have one.  And our life purposes aren’t assigned to us by family or society – well, they are sometimes – but those don’t ever work out.  The oldest and wisest of the coaches and sages think it’s likely that we’re born with our life purpose.  The things we’re drawn to as young children give us hints as to what it is.

I don’t know about you, but I was drawn to all sorts of stuff when I was a kid.  To begin to crack the life purpose code, I have to ask myself a series of questions – because that’s what coaches do – we ask specific open-ended questions – usually, questions that begin with the words how or what.

Q – “Right, so what do I remember spending the majority of my time doing on a regular basis when I was very young – ages 4 – 11?”

A – Reading and journaling and riding my bike in the mountains.  I also liked to collect stuff, and I liked small things and things having to do with space – specifically, aliens.”

Q – “Now list the top ten things I love to do or have always done and loved.”

A – Read, research, hug/listen to my kids, nature, animals, cycling, conversation, adventures, travel, and sex.

Q – “Mmhmm.  Okay, now name several things I’ve consistently made part of my life – things I continue to do over and over.”

A – Well, I drag my bike with me every time I move – even when I haven’t ridden in years.  I beautify my surroundings.  I surround myself with books, pens, and paper, and – most recently – I’m a relapse rebounder.  I kept crawling (literally) back on the wagon.  I’m tenacious.

After another 20 minutes of this Q & A dance, I end it all with “HM”.  But it’s a significant “HM” because that means I’ve caught something that I don’t know what to do with because it’s foreign, and foreign is good!  Foreign is exciting.  It’s something to consider and explore and – watch.

I had to go to work this morning and luckily, my job allows me to show up within a pretty wide window.  I decided to exercise and study first and I realized on my way home that I’d been selfish.  I’d decided to take care of my personal needs first before going to work, AND I WAS SO GLAD I DID.  IT FELT AMAZING!  And a little weird because – I normally feel guilty for doing something selfish.  But acting on my personal needs first rather than put them off made my day.

I don’t know what my life purpose is yet.  My mission is to discover it.  I’ve got a vision, too – to share the tools of this internal adventure with all who want them, to build a successful coaching career, to build healthy relationships, and to build my round house.





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