It’s hard not to wonder what’s behind this uncanny thing I have about seeing repeating numbers.  I used to notice them on a daily basis for years and I never could figure out what to make of it.  I’d notice a series of 3s on a gas receipt, the address of a house, the time, and the page of the book I stopped on the night before – all in one day.

It would start to bug me after a while because I had to wonder if I was super thick for not “getting the message”.  I felt certain that something from somewhere was trying to communicate with me, but I just did not – could not get it.  And then it all stopped.  I don’t know why or what happened, but I realized one day that I hadn’t noticed repeating numbers for a long stretch.  The same thing happened to my ability to see faces in nature.  I used to go hiking and see faces in tree trunks, and in branch configurations – in piles of stones, but I haven’t seen those in eons.

But now I’m seeing them again.  Repeating numbers.  I read somewhere that seeing repeating numbers means you’re on track in life.  Why would repeating numbers mean that?  My son suggested I watch the movie I Origins.  It’s a curious story about what happens to a man who follows a series of 1s to a set of eyes.

Oooo.  Intuition and smart risk-taking are so – inviting!

Maybe if I start following the repeating numbers I’m seeing, I’ll find the answer to life, the universe, and everything.  Or maybe I’ll just wind up buying something really cool for $42.00.  Or maybe I should just go to bed and call it another awesome sober day.


I like this image.

I like the idea of being able to breathe under the water and being rocked by it about 30 feet under the surface where it’s quiet and spacious.



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