Uprooted And Transplanted

via Daily Prompt: Roots

Some people don’t move more than once or twice in their lifetime.  Some people never move away from the city they were born in or the city their family lives in.  Some people have never traveled outside their state.  I can only imagine that kind of permanence and familiarity.  Is that even healthy?  Or does it just feel safe?  How do some people get missed when the “I need an adventure” gene is being passed around?

I haven’t lived in the same house for longer than 18 months since I was in the 8th grade.  I’ve uprooted and transplanted myself so many times that if I were a real tree – I’d be long gone.  Thank goodness for resiliency and a sense of adventure.  But maybe it’s time to pull the breaks up on this behavior that seems to have turned into a way of life.

I moved back to the PNW in December of 2013, and since then, I have lived in seven houses and several hotels.  I’m also in my second state.  I never stay in one place long enough for my roots to take.  There’s always been too much drama and there’s always somewhere new to go.  And people are so challenging to live with.  But I’m discovering that – now that I live alone – I’m not so easy to live with myself.  I’m picky and sensitive to other people in my space.

I’ve got one more move coming up before I commit to acclimating completely to the new environment.  And then, I’m resolved to allow my roots to do their thing.  This is a scary idea though because what if I pick the wrong city or the wrong property?  California feels like the right idea – I’m a southern California girl by default – but it’s so crowded and I’ve got a thing for peace and quiet.

It’s hard to stay focused and present for similar reasons – there are so many interesting things to think about – – – the future.


I’m ready to experience the sensations of being part of a community.  Maybe if I put my faith into following my heart and doing the next right thing the path will unfold.





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