Tom Cruise – Swaddled

via Daily Prompt: Blanket

He said “You weren’t on board with the Army coming into town. You didn’t have anything positive to say about it.”  I listened and considered what he said, and only when I was certain that I knew what I wanted to say did I come back with  “No, that was the other guy.”

I swaddled Tom in the blanket we’d been laying on and then the dream changed.  I was carrying him wrapped up just like a baby through a house.  I walked past several kids who either didn’t notice us or didn’t recognize that we weren’t family members.  I opened a big barn door that slid along a metal slider on the floor.  Outside, I saw a deep and crystal clear pond on the other side of a dirt road.  The scene resembled an oasis.  A couple stood on the lip of the pond and they were clearly in love.  Suddenly, the woman dove into the water with her clothes and shoes on.  I appreciated her spontaneity and envied her because I knew how cleansing and inviting the water was.  I could sense it.

I continued walking through the house, holding Tom in my arms.  I was looking for the front door and I found one with a baby stroller in front of it.  A young boy sitting on a couch behind me said “Don’t move the baby buggy.”  So, I walked off and found another door with another buggy in front of it.  This time, the boy said “Don’t move the baby in the buggy.”  And I thought to myself “Bullshit.  The baby and the buggy are getting moved because I want OUT.”  So – out past the baby we went and I found myself in someone’s backyard at the end of a sidewalk overlooking a pond at my feet.  It was shared by the neighbor to the right – the pond went under their shared fence – and I wondered why anyone would buy a property with a pond so big that it took up the entire yard.

But I didn’t stop to wonder why I was carrying Tom Cruise around swaddled in a blanket.





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