Subtle Is Sexy

via Daily Prompt: Perfume

Can people who seem to bathe in drugstore perfume smell or are they being purposefully defensive and aggressive?  I am always more than a little taken aback when I have the unfortunate experience of encountering a person whose perfume/cologne precedes them by 15 yards.  The scented invasion seems to find every crevice of my being and leaves no part unscathed.  I’m usually shocked into a brief paralysis as the wave of a chemical olfactory infantry penetrates my core. How is it that this person can have such utter disregard for innocent bystanders?  It’s as if we’re all intended collateral damage.  What’s behind the person’s refusal – or is it an inability? – to recognize the psychological and physical trauma they’re about to inflict on the public as they step delicately into the air they misted again – for the 4th time?

I imagine the perp’s personality and lifestyle.  He or she is overconfident and out of shape, compelled to lie on occasion – even when it’s unnecessary, in denial, right-wing, and thinks complacency is bliss.  They frequent closed spaced venues like shopping malls, discount stores, movie theaters, and chain restaurants.  They read Harlequin Romance novels, drink zinfandel out of the box, wear dentures, and have health issues with their feet.  They eat pasteurized cheese, have never had sushi, and own at least one piece of furniture that was built in the 80s.  They have large families,  drink tea with dinner out of hibiscus print plastic cups, have at least two cats, and at least one family member who knits.  Their designated guest/kid bathroom boasts framed crochet,  a tub full of toys, and the catbox.  Antlers assert themselves above the TV in their living room, silk flowers frame the mailbox., and inflatable holiday images greet neighbors in the front yard two months before the holiday arrives.


Scents communicate. I appreciate being roused gently into captivation when I pick up a trace of something alluring.  I’ll stop and focus and breathe in in an attempt to identify the pleasantry and its source.


Subtle is sexy.


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