Universal Law #?

Law of Psychosomatic Influence

” »This law states that two things–whether animate or inanimate–once in contact with each other, will continue to act upon each other even at a distance, long after the actual contact has been severed. Matter coming into contact with other matter absorbs and influences as a result of the contact. There is a psychometric blending of the etheric emanations. This is why someone wearing a piece of inherited something or other will be influenced by the psychomatic emanations of the original owner. The more empathic a person is, the more likely they will be influenced by the state of mind of the original owner.”

I found that yesterday while studying something else completely unrelated to my post on Deja-Vu & the Skirt.

What are the chances?

I’m a member of a really cool spirituality forum and I posted about my skirt there, too.  This is what someone wrote in reply: “Its not maybe that it was yours more that the person that had it shares in the same energy you are. It is said that we travel in Soul Families so that energy is familiar to us when we come into contact with things and people.  Clothes, like all things, can hold energy with them, in a second-hand store at times what lands there is from estates.

I can relate with jewelry when I find it in a second-hand store I regularly visit. There are times when I find a vintage piece and I feel that in another life I would have worn something like that.”


Have you been attracted to an object or a place without being able to identify or understand why?  Ever encounter something new, but something about it feels old and familiar?

Ever meet someone new and you’d bet the farm that you’ve known the person  FOREVER?

What is that?

And how do I find my soul family?

I want one!


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