Sobriety This Time ’round

I’ll have one year of sobriety this Thursday.  I’ve never succeeded at staying sober for this long.  It’s such a momentous occasion that my dad – the Marine whose motto is “Never leave a man behind”, the man who sent me to seven residential treatment centers over 11 years – is flying out to visit this Friday.

We haven’t seen one another in four and a half years.



This time – I don’t think it’s temporary.


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  1. Incredible! Now that is love!! Can’t wait for the one day when my daughter and I reunited. My son came back around, now to wait patiently in God’s timing. Beautiful story. I pray you remain steadfast in this journey. I am 3 years, and 8 months sober. Every day I remined of my daughter in some way. Sometimes I feel like crying. Then I realize most was from for years ago. She is almost 21. I barely know her as she is now. Mother’s Day is hard. Anyways, so happy for your 1 year! Blessings, and may your time spent with your dad be precious!!


    1. Thank you, Lisa!

      I know that healing takes place in its own time (as opposed to the time impositions we create in our minds) and I imagine that your daughter will reach out when she’s ready. I know how hard it is to be patient – especially when it comes to kids. I have a couple of those myself. They’re young adults now.

      Three years and eight months is a long time. Wow. Thinking about it is making me smile. I wonder what I’ll have accomplished when I’ve been sober for that long. You go, girl!

      All my best. 🙂

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