The Evolution of Happiness

Addiction is the pursuit of death.  Painful death.  What are the odds of having one of those anyway – – without the help of an addiction?  No one wants that!  I bet 9 out of 10 people would choose to die in their sleep – just pass in the night gently.  Peacefully.  Sweetly.  Of course, there’s always the crazy foo’ who loves the idea of martyrdom or dying in an avalanche on the way down Everest.  But sane people don’t chase death.  Sane people pursue visions of successful, happy lives.

I consider myself sane today.  Yes, I know that crazy people don’t know they’re crazy, but I feel quite convinced that crazy town in but a speck in the rear-view mirror of my life.  I know that my pursuits are of sound mind – things like physical fitness, healthy friendships, a career in the field of recovery coaching, understanding the mind of God, and my last amazing boyfriend (Oh, woohoo! Hi there!  :)) – these are all sane things that normal people go after.



What I most enjoy about sanity and the pursuit of success and happiness is that it isn’t feeling like work and therefore, it doesn’t feel like I’m pursuing anything because nothing is elusive.  I have everything I need even though I haven’t reached all of my goals – yet.  Every day provides the relief that is not alcohol poisoning and this alone is a rush.  Each day, I continue heading in the direction I’ve chosen. It’s a journey.  Impatience happens, but outside of that – I look around me and concede that everything is alright.

Daily Prompt: Pursue


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