The Pink Cloud

The pink cloud is a term for a temporary sensation some people experience when they first get sober.  I experienced it. I had an overwhelming sense of euphoria and a sincere commitment to sobriety.  The idea of relapse was a resounding, hands-down “It’ll never happen” no.  I was not only on the wagon, I was steering it – hitting at least two AA meetings a day.   To say that I was “Pumped UP” accurately reflected my enthusiasm.


As I remember it, I woke up really happy one morning – ready to take on you and the world.  I felt joyous and free – clear headed and ambitious.  But I didn’t feel dim.  And boy, was I dim.  I know now – 12 years later – long after the cloud puffed itself out – that its manifestation was the (logical) result of my saturated emotions airing out and coming back to life.

As in metaphor so in life, the pink cloud evaporated and storms returned – as they always do.  And when the first one hit, I felt as though I’d crashed to earth from the heavens.

So I drank.

Life has been a series of difficult lessons.  I am not the kind of person who follows advice.  I might ask for it, but that’s only because I want to compare my idea to it. I’m still going to do things my way and my way has usually equated to the hard way.  However, as a result, I now have first-hand experience with all that stuff and first-hand experience is valuable.  Some of the advice given to me might have saved me a lot of grief.  Some of it – not so much.

Either way – advice is always about someone else’s path.  Something to think on before running off with ideas that belong to other people.

If you’re wondering whether or not you’re on a pink cloud, I suggest that you do your best to observe your reactions to life.  That includes your reactions to yourself.  I suggest that you pause to consider your choices and options before making decisions. Because here’s what I know about clouds

They aren’t permanent.

So if you are up there – bouncing and flitting around – understand that at some point, you’re going to fall through.

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