Meeting Personal Needs and #Self-Love

Needs aren’t wants.  This looks like common sense, but many people think they need things they really only want.  And then there are some people who don’t believe they need anything except the basics – air, water, food …

Everyone has personal needs.

I want one billion dollars, social justice, and a motorcycle – but I’ll survive without these things.

I need to live in a quiet environment.   My definition of quiet means remote and in nature.  Someone else’s definition might be that they don’t allow kids under 16 in their rental share in the city.

Would it kill me to live in a rental share in the city with noise pollution?  No.  But I’d pay dearly for it (because it’d feel like the stress would kill me).  This is a need that I did not know existed until six months ago.  I used to think it was a want.

When our needs aren’t met, we suffer.  It is our responsibility- not someone else’s – to ensure that our needs are met.  Whether we communicate them to another person or take care of them ourselves – this is the behavior of self-love.

Self-love is an action (in contrast to selfishness, which is a behavior).  When we (take) care (of) for ourselves we feel less angst, more happiness, freedom, and a more fluid and effortless life.






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