A River Of Possibilities

What happens is that a person begins to realize that the universe inside their head and heart is bigger than previously thought.  There are a lot of places to go.  And in turn, this brings light to the river of possibilities abundant around them on a daily basis.  This is what happens during the process of life coaching – it catapults one into a mental realm where the future begins to look tempting.  Moments of personal insight and the awareness of choice become empowering.

Nothing happens by chance.

Think about it.

Everything you have ever done – every choice you have made – (how old are you?) has led you to this very moment.

You’re reading my blog.

Cause and effect own the throne.


Are you following when you should be leading? Maybe it’s time to find a new direction and forge your own path. ~ Ant

via Daily Prompt: Catapult


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