Eight-Day Juice Fast – Day 2

Surprisingly – I’m not starving to death.  I can tell that I didn’t eat all day yesterday; there’s a spaciousness inside – but I also don’t feel hungry.  This could be due to the fact that I never have an appetite in the morning.

I’ve guesstimated that I’m going to start getting really hungry – grouchy hungry – on Thursday.  I’ll tackle that when it happens.

The approach I’ve taken with all of this is to give my digestive system and liver a short holiday.  By the time those two things are emptied of their reserves, I should be on day 5, which means – I’ll really only be fasting fasting for three full days.  Although that’s not exactly what it feels like – I’m rolling with it.

I’ve never done anything like this – on purpose and sober – so I’ve already done something new here.


After I finish the juice fast, I’ll taper for three days with four raw fruit and vegetable salads a day.  After that – I’ll eat a raw food diet for ten days.

And after that – a chocolate ice cream cone!

chocolate icecream cone

I actually meant to get one of those before I started the fast, but forgot.

I’m doing this because I believe it’s good for me and it’s a challenge.  I’m sure I can do it, but I don’t think it’s going to be easy or fun.  I’m curious to see my opinion about the entire thing once it’s said and done.







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