It’s A Glass Of Lunch

It’s a pretty color though, right?

A cheeseburger sounds really good.

I watched four hours of Chopped last night.  I’m not even half-way through this 8-day fast, and already fantasizing about what to eat first on Tuesday.

My body isn’t being subtle telling me there’s no food in there.  And while I don’t feel like I’m starving – I do feel funny.   My anxiety is a little higher today than normal, which I’m attributing to having not eaten since Sunday.

Eating is something to do.  It’s about more than just assuaging hunger – it’s a fun past-time – like shopping for new espadrilles on Amazon.  Eating has been a small multi-tasking ritual that accomplished important endeavors simultaneously – it eliminated hunger, gave me something to do, and it occupied short periods of time.

Something else worth noting – vegetable juice is BORING.  Yummy food is something I look forward to.  I associate eating tasty morsels of flavorful goodness with positive feelings. I’m not experiencing positive feelings downing a glass of vegetable lunch.  There’s no psychological reward.

The anticipation of eating, the visual I get looking at something I’m about to devour – something that my nose tells me will taste good, the sensation of chewing, and the sensation of becoming satiated – these are all missing and this part of not eating is almost a bigger deal than the physical sensation of getting by on four glasses of thick juice a day.


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