“How Did You Evolve? How Did You Survive This Technological Adolescence?”

If she could ask aliens only one question, (she asks two) Jodie Foster’s answers in the film Contact inspire thinking outside the box.  They’re great questions, but she – in the film – doesn’t believe in God and says as much when pressed about it.  So – how will humanity survive?  Do we need to believe in something bigger than ourselves – God maybe?

What will be required of us to pull together and work together to survive?

I’m not so convinced that we’ll die off through collective suicide (people killing one another through war to the point of extinction will equate to suicide) as I am that we’re – collectively – more apt to do something stupid.  Our collective ego is running the planet, and that – if a higher mind doesn’t prevail – will be our downfall.  Because ego is ultimately stupid.

Ego reminds me of cancer – something so ravenous and sans intelligence that it kills its host, and inevitably – itself.  Maybe we will annihilate ourselves.  Is suicide stupid?  Or is it grief and despair beyond words?

Humans are an interesting species.  We’re strange.  Quirky.  Our potential is fantastic and we’re capable of amazing things.  We’re also stuck in the middle of a game of king of the hill.  That seems to be the mentality.  Those of us not interested in the game are at the mercy of it all the same.  And it’s a downer.  The playground is the planet, so leaving isn’t an option.  So, what to do?  What’s needed – smarts or more $ (power)?  How do we motivate the stupid bullies to consider that they’re listening to their egos instead of their hearts?

I guess it’s just going to take time.  It sure is a good thing the Universe is still expanding.  We’re going to need a lot of it (time) to get this right.

expanding universe

via Daily Prompt: Survive


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