Eight Day Juice Fast – Day 5

I’m hungry and grouchy and I want to eat.  This isn’t fun anymore and I still have another four days to go.  I’ve started arguing with myself over whether or not I’m going to finish this.  I keep saying that I didn’t think it through properly.  And then I come back with “Oh, bullshit.  How much thinking about it was there to do?  Eight days without eating is a long-ass time!  I knew I’d get hungry and grouchy.”

The moment has arrived.

Why did I do this again?

Oh yeah – to challenge myself.  To give my digestive track and liver a little holiday.  To drop a few pounds.  To push myself.  To be able to say “Yeah, I did that.”

But I might also be able to say, “Yeah, I did that – and it was sooo stupid!


This is what I want.


This is what I’m having.

No, it’s not juice, but it is a liquid full of vitamins so it counts as part of the fast.



Sad face.





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