The Madness Has Abated

The reprieve from the onslaught of insanity that accompanies alcoholic drinking equates to a misty gray space near heaven. It isn’t all glory and happy happy happy – but it’s pretty cool.  It’s relatively stable.  And I am guaranteed that if I resume old drinking habits, the madness will return with the appetite of a hurricane.  Sanity in sobriety is only a reprieve – it’s conditional on sober maintenance.

Seems like a fair payoff though.

Sanity vs madness.  And the odd thing is – sobriety – in terms of financial matters – is free.   I used to spend around $800.00 a month on alcohol.

Go figure.

It doesn’t cost anything to stay sober.  Right?

Yes, it does.

It costs ambition.  It costs motivation.  It costs gambling and healthy risk-taking.  It costs trust.  It costs self-care.

What is the monetary value of those things?

via Daily Prompt: Reprieve


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