Misguided & Misdirected Blather

What portion of the voices in your head comes from ego, the ether, and misguided blather, and what portion comes from your heart?

Do you know the difference?

Do you think it makes a difference?

Two of my friends are in trouble and neither one will listen to their heart.  One is in front of a judge right now about to find out how long she’s going to have to spend in jail for trying to drive her car with an interlock device while intoxicated.  My other buddy is watching his marriage crumble as he refuses to get clean from kratom.  His wife gave him until October to figure it out.  That is such an unreasonably long time – I can hardly stand it.

It’s hard to witness people I care about make such poor choices because they aren’t listening to and following their hearts.  But I understand why they’re doing what they’re doing because I’ve been there.

Everyone talks to themselves.  Sober, healthy people usually listen to the voices in their heads and work with them when they’re reasonable and sane.  Active addicts, on the other hand, only listen to one voice in their heads – the voice of the addict.  It’s the voice that wants its drug of choice above everything else.  It is so powerful and assertive – addicts tend to believe it IS their true voice.

Addicts have to snap themselves out of it. No one can do it for them and plenty don’t make it.  I’m trying to figure out how to motivate people to give their hearts a reasonable portion of center stage time.  Life doesn’t have to be so painful.

via Daily Prompt: Portion


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