Not to be Confused with Sassy

Everyone wants a fun nickname that defines their personality.  When someone is referred to as cheesy or flirty or classy or brainy – the rest of us able to immediately extract crucial bits of information about him or her.  We think we know all about the person from one word.

Brassy rates at about a 5.75 on the Cool scale of 1 to 10.  It isn’t nearly as cool as sassy, which hovers at around an 8. People like sassy because it encapsulates spice with flirt with dry wit and intelligence, but brassy is too much.  Brassy needs to be toned down.  While it’s acceptable overall because it isn’t exactly a negative quality, we can’t officially call it a positive one either.  For example, it’s better to be brassy than dull, which rates at about a 2.2 on the cool scale.

When brassy happens to our hair that’s bad.  When it happens to our food it’s too tangy and we grimace.  When it happens to us in conversation we step back.  It encroaches on a personal boundary we can’t quite identify.

The best way to work with a brassy personality is to ask it for help.  Brassy always wants to do a competent job and to feel part of.  It projects confidence forcefully in an unconscious attempt to keep people at a distance while still causing them to notice.  Brassy is an overly shiny shell.  It wants to be noticed, but it doesn’t want to be seen.

It can be nearly impossible to get brassy to acknowledge its volume and tone itself down.  However, it does respond agreeably to kindness and short sentences.

When in doubt, be direct and redirect it.

via Daily Prompt: Brassy


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