Calming My Solar Plexus

Sobriety brings more new awareness and I’m devouring information about spiritual development.  Some of it makes sense – some not so much.  One persistent challenge I continue to face is the incessant noise in my head.  The mental humming follows me like my shadow.  It’s there waiting for me each morning when I wake up.  I can’t find the off switch to the radio station that’s going on up here.

I don’t remember having this issue before I became an alcoholic.

I’ve been advised to learn to meditate and I’m working on figuring out a way to multi-task at it – like walking the dog while meditating.  The problem here is that as soon as we set out, I forget.  It’s always such a nice day. So – I’m not 100% sure this is doable, but I’m not giving up on the idea yet because sitting still and trying to quiet my mind in front of a candle for 20 minutes drives me nuts.  It brings on something akin to a thought attack – like the climax of a fireworks display.

Something else I’ve been advised to do is focus on “ conditioning the mind to work in conscious cooperation with others in spirit.”  And while I’m at this, keeping a calm solar plexus will enable me to move forward with fewer setbacks.

I’m really new to this kind of language – chakras, conscious cooperation, calming my solar plexus, … but my takeaway here is that I need to get used to the ideas of learning to relax and of working in a group – spiritually.   Whatever that means and whatever it looks like.  Not sure.

How will I learn where to find the group?

Will someone invite me in?

Do the others know?

I’m ready.




  1. Hi! First, I’d like to introduce myself as a recovering alcoholic/addict. I find if I know others know my pain a bit, it helps.

    Second, as far as meditation is concerned, it is a practice. I have been meditating consistently for over two years and doing so while walking outside it doable at this point, but still very much a challenge. Sitting quiet is painful at first. It sucks. You get quiet for a second then the thoughts come rushing in again. When the thoughts come rushing in again, go back to your breathing. Concentrate on the way your breath feels when it enters and exits your body. So athought pops in, breath, thought pops in, breath, car honks horn, breath, dog barks, breath, etc.

    I started learning meditation from a teacher (as well as reiki). I have had one on one classes every week. This helped to keep me disciplined as I felt accountable to him. When he would say “How is your practice?”, I needed something to say!

    So I’d say google meditation studios in your area. Try each one out. See which one feels the best and most comfortable then sign up!

    I hope this helps!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. p.s. I beleive I would not be sober today without meditation. Scratch that, I KNOW I would not be. It was and is vital for me. I just wanted to express the importance to push on through, as it may just do the same for you! ☺️

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