Conscious Cooperation with the Soul Purpose

For weeks, I’ve been thinking – how can people be born with a purpose and most of us – 30 to 40 years down the road don’t have a clue what it is?  Well, I may be figuring it out!

Everything that has led you up to this moment (you’re reading this post) – that’s been your purpose.  You might have had numerous missions within it, but your history is your purpose.

Not very telling is it?

Or exciting.

Feels like a bit of a letdown, doesn’t it?

Well, there’s a wee bit more – out of everything that has led you to this exact moment – how much of it have you truly enjoyed?  How much of it has brought you joy?

Do you remember what brings you joy?  Do you do those things regularly?

Your purpose then is to do more of that stuff!


Feel better?  Me too.

And this makes sense because when we’re doing things that bring us true joy, we shine.  This is when we emit the good stuff – the stuff that other people want to be part of.

I can see how some might interpret this as selfish, but another perspective is to put yourself in the place of the person who loves being with someone who is joyful.  They’re magnetic without trying.  They’re just – being.  Happiness and joy attract.  Attraction is not selfish – selfish has motives.  Attraction simply is.

I’ve been coming across some curious dialogue in books and online lately.  For example, while we share a planet, we only pop into one another’s worlds occasionally.  Some of us even do it in dreams.  I do not live in your world – I’m not even aware of your routines.  And you don’t live in mine.  I live in a loft with my dog on the Oregon coast in a town of 8500.  There is no way, from where you sit, that you can know my world because telling you my location or what I’m thinking about in my blog post doesn’t exactly put you in the driver’s seat of my mind.

Sorta redefines how well we think we know our loved ones when we look at it that way, eh?

This is exactly why it’s such a bad idea to make assumptions.  It’s not okay to take responsibility for knowing someone else’s reasons or intentions.  But that’s not where I was going with this.  I think it’s a smart idea to look at one another with curiosity and respect.  We’re all here with a purpose.

How much sense does it make for us all to be here – on the planet – together – if we’re not supposed to learn from and teach one another things?

All the angry and fearful and selfish emotions – they really get in the way. Fear (false evidence appearing real) is the real doozy.  It constantly presents hurdles – some so big we turn away.  Suddenly, that race in the Olympics seems downright silly.  Why would anyone in their right mind willingly race to jump hurdles? – put there on purpose!?

Do the things that bring you true joy.  Nothing bad will happen.  That’s living in conscious cooperation with your soul’s purpose.




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