Internal Stillness

Is impossible.  Everything is in constant motion – in and outside our bodies.  The idea of a little peace and quiet seems perfectly reasonable though.  Unfortunately, learning how to turn the volume down on the noises inside my head is proving to be one of my greater challenges.  How some people thrive 24/7 amid the noise and hustle of loud cities year in and year out is beyond me.   I don’t have a filter for that kind of incessant energy.

If I can manage to pull off sobriety  – which I have – after trying for 11 years – I can learn to still the chaos in my mind.  But if this is going to take another 11 years, then I’d best get started.  Eleven years is a long time.

From what I can tell, there are about a hundred different ways to meditate – and they all lead to one path; the path toward something new – a greater understanding of – things.  Maybe meditation acts like an invisible conveyor belt that moves us – an analogy here – from high school toward college.  A willingness to leave the past behind is crucial.  We carry memories of our past with us on the belt, so it’s not like a piece of the self is getting left behind.  This is my understanding.  And that was a concern for me – that I might be abandoning parts of myself for – what lays ahead spiritually.

I’ve been advised not to hurry.  “Set a pace for learning and then stay below it.”

This isn’t a race.  It’s an adventure.

via Daily Prompt: Volume


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