Replace Try With Practice

Do or do not, there is no try.”  Yoda

The little dude was right.  Trying leaves part of the self out of the equation.  It can also eat up a lot of time.  Trying means that if you don’t get it right – it’s okay because you made an attempt and for some weird reason, that earns you a gold star in our society.  And if you do try and it works – Yay!



When you try and it works you don’t get to take full credit because luck or chance helped – they had a hand in the success.  You can’t call success your own when you try and succeed.  This is easy to understand when you apply the same logic to failure – it’s easy to shrug the attempt off and say “I’ll just try again – later.”

But for some reason – failure is scary in our society.  It’s frowned upon.  And success doesn’t really rest in success, does it …?  It rests in approval.

Best to replace the word try with practice.

Bruce Lee figured it out with the help of Krishnamurti.


The total self must be applied to doing if one honestly wants to take credit for success.  Total awareness = total being.

Not too many people know the difference though or care to know.  Learning how to become a total being isn’t a priority in our culture.  This isn’t the kind of thing we’re encouraged to excel at.  Most don’t even know what it means.  We go after status.

It’s everyone else’s opinions that matter – for some reason.  Not our own.

via Daily Prompt: Total


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