How’d He Do It?

Stop At Nothing is a sports documentary starring Lance Armstrong.  This 1 hour and 40-minute film highlights his finer deceitful moments of which  – there were a great many.

I woke up this morning thinking about what a great liar he is.  His skill is so flamboyant and outrageous it – against my will – garners the slightest bit of awe.  What this tells me is that he’s a better liar than he is a cyclist – pretty impressive.

He created an empire, with millions of fans, based on cheating and lying.  The depth of his betrayal is staggering.  What it must have felt like for his supporters – those who loved him most – the ones who followed his every move – to wake up and hear him admit on Oprah that he took performance-enhancing drugs and lied – that he was a fraud – I can only imagine.

After his appearance on her show, everyone affected by his deceit was confronted with the fact that every positive emotion they’d had about the guy – especially the big sweeping ones that accompanied tears – had been based on lies.  Trying to reconcile that must have been punishing.  Once the dust settled and people stopped looking at Armstrong, they had to look inward – at their ability, if that’s the correct word,  to believe something and in someone – for years – that wasn’t true.

It goes without saying that people were devastated, but in their quieter moments – when no one else was looking – I wonder how much of their anger turned inward?   That abrupt change in the flow of energy from him to their capacity to trust was probably the biggest sucker punch they didn’t see coming.  Blaming self for not knowing – for not seeing sooner.

What an endeavor – learning to trust yourself to trust to another person after something like that.  People do it though.  It’s a testament to tenacity, humility, and grace.

Something about trusting the people we love just feels right.

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