Eight-Day Juice Fast – Day 2

Surprisingly – I’m not starving to death.  I can tell that I didn’t eat all day yesterday; there’s a spaciousness inside – but I also don’t feel hungry.  This could be due to the fact that I never have an appetite in the morning.

I’ve guesstimated that I’m going to start getting really hungry – grouchy hungry – on Thursday.  I’ll tackle that when it happens.

The approach I’ve taken with all of this is to give my digestive system and liver a short holiday.  By the time those two things are emptied of their reserves, I should be on day 5, which means – I’ll really only be fasting fasting for three full days.  Although that’s not exactly what it feels like – I’m rolling with it.

I’ve never done anything like this – on purpose and sober – so I’ve already done something new here.


After I finish the juice fast, I’ll taper for three days with four raw fruit and vegetable salads a day.  After that – I’ll eat a raw food diet for ten days.

And after that – a chocolate ice cream cone!

chocolate icecream cone

I actually meant to get one of those before I started the fast, but forgot.

I’m doing this because I believe it’s good for me and it’s a challenge.  I’m sure I can do it, but I don’t think it’s going to be easy or fun.  I’m curious to see my opinion about the entire thing once it’s said and done.






A River Of Possibilities

What happens is that a person begins to realize that the universe inside their head and heart is bigger than previously thought.  There are a lot of places to go.  And in turn, this brings light to the river of possibilities abundant around them on a daily basis.  This is what happens during the process of life coaching – it catapults one into a mental realm where the future begins to look tempting.  Moments of personal insight and the awareness of choice become empowering.

Nothing happens by chance.

Think about it.

Everything you have ever done – every choice you have made – (how old are you?) has led you to this very moment.

You’re reading my blog.

Cause and effect own the throne.


Are you following when you should be leading? Maybe it’s time to find a new direction and forge your own path. ~ Ant

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Meeting Personal Needs and #Self-Love

Needs aren’t wants.  This looks like common sense, but many people think they need things they really only want.  And then there are some people who don’t believe they need anything except the basics – air, water, food …

Everyone has personal needs.

I want one billion dollars, social justice, and a motorcycle – but I’ll survive without these things.

I need to live in a quiet environment.   My definition of quiet means remote and in nature.  Someone else’s definition might be that they don’t allow kids under 16 in their rental share in the city.

Would it kill me to live in a rental share in the city with noise pollution?  No.  But I’d pay dearly for it (because it’d feel like the stress would kill me).  This is a need that I did not know existed until six months ago.  I used to think it was a want.

When our needs aren’t met, we suffer.  It is our responsibility- not someone else’s – to ensure that our needs are met.  Whether we communicate them to another person or take care of them ourselves – this is the behavior of self-love.

Self-love is an action (in contrast to selfishness, which is a behavior).  When we (take) care (of) for ourselves we feel less angst, more happiness, freedom, and a more fluid and effortless life.





Adrift In A Sea Of Hunger

That’s where I’m headed – out to open water.  I’ll be adrift without my tortilla chips and hot salsa.  No M&Ms.  No peanut butter toast.  No black-bean veggie burger spinach salads with tomato, boiled egg, and cottage cheese.

My tummy is grumbly and I’m only 4 1/2 hours into my eight-day juice fast.

I’ve got to keep busy.

I wonder if, over the next eight days, my mind will become sharper and clearer or more muddled.  Or somehow – both.

If I could survive on four bottles of wine a day for years with the equivalent of a 1/2 cup of food a day- and I did – I can handle eight days of organic, freshly pressed juices.


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Juice #Fasting – Day 1 Of 8

The toaster is no longer on the kitchen counter.  The food items in the refrigerator are going into the trash.  I finished off the most important stuff – M&Ms, tortilla chips, most of the expensive bread … beans, potatoes, sausage, eggs, and Italian soda.

TillamookThe cheese stays.

I keep telling myself to expect sweeping hunger pains and mood swings.  I may even be talking myself into a bad mood just thinking about what’s to come.

I used to go days without eating when I drank, but I was never hungry so it didn’t matter.  I really enjoy tasty food – especially crunchy stuff – so I imagine this isn’t going to be very much fun by early evening.

Coffee will remain on the menu as the one vice I’m not giving up.  It’s just too important.  The only thing I’ll be chewing for the next eight days is gum.  And I’m still undecided on whether or not to blow $300.00 on a juicer.

Any suggestions – anyone?

One thing I may have missed the mark on is how little – if anything – I’ll be saving at the grocery store.  Organic fruits and vegetables are expensive and it’s going to take a lot of them to make 6 – 8 servings of juice a day.  I normally spend around $75.00 a week for food items.



Without A Boat

In my mind’s eye, I descend on the part of my personality that creates unnecessary issues.  I sneak up on it – toss a net over it – tie it up – haul it off to an island with plenty of M&Ms and Pure Leaf wild blackberry tea – and set it free.

Without a boat.

no boat

Is it just me or do others argue with themselves over things they don’t want to do, too?  It’s starting to get really old.  I’m trying to learn how to ignore that part of myself and just DO things anyway.  Maybe what needs to happen is once I decide to do something, I need to do it immediately before the voice in my head starts to bitch about not wanting to do it.

At first, I thought to give the voice a chance to express itself, but now I wonder if it’s just disagreeable naturally.

Just a short rant.  A little self-coaching going on.  Still trying to figure myself out.

Here’s another one:

I had an awkward run-in yesterday with the son of the woman who owns the property I live on.  He’s 28 – a year older than my oldest kid.  I could hear people out in the yard, including a young kid and a dog.  I could hear them because I had the front door to my studio open.  Until the owner’s son closed my front door.  I heard him do it.  I walked downstairs, opened the door – didn’t see him, and went back upstairs.  Two minutes later he closed it again.  I trotted back downstairs and opened my door again.  All the way.  His friends were across the yard – but he was nowhere in sight.

And I was getting pissed off.

He hadn’t knocked or even bothered to call my name and ask if he could close my front door.  He just kept doing it.

So I went back upstairs and not a minute later, he closed my door again.  Without a word.  I was so peeved I could hear my heartbeat in my ears.  I opened the door and caught him halfway across the yard.  He said he thought the wind kept blowing the door open, says he’s got a kid and a dog outside – and would I mind closing my door.


But that isn’t what I said.  What I said was “I’d really appreciate it if you’d ask instead of just closing my door.  I want it open.”

So he apologized.

Guess what he did next.  He put a screen across the front of my open doorway to prevent the dog and kid from coming upstairs into my studio.  Now – I get it that maybe he thought he was doing himself and me a favor.  But the problem was that he never once communicated with me.  He just did these things.

And I all but went nuts.

Maybe this is me being moody & PMS-ey.  And I’m being offered lessons about how to manage uncomfortable feelings during WEIRD situations.  Life on life’s terms.  People run into weird situations with others all the time, and I wonder how someone else would have handled the same situation.  I imagine plenty of people would have been fine with the guy closing the front door – but his glaring assumptions and behavior were boundary issues for me.

WOW!  Learning what is and what isn’t the right thing to say/do – for me – is a lot to take in.

I’m a wee bit proud of my self-control last night.  I didn’t drink and I didn’t go off on the guy – and I honestly thought about both.  Back in the day, I would have.  Instead, I left with the dog and went to the beach for an hour.  But changing my environment was a lot easier than turning off what he’d done in my head.  Unfortunately, I was unable to talk myself out of replaying the events, which  I took to the beach and that made it impossible to enjoy.

There have got to be people out there who know how to leave things where they end.

Where are you and how did you learn to do it?

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