“How Did You Evolve? How Did You Survive This Technological Adolescence?”

If she could ask aliens only one question, (she asks two) Jodie Foster’s answers in the film Contact inspire thinking outside the box.  They’re great questions, but she – in the film – doesn’t believe in God and says as much when pressed about it.  So – how will humanity survive?  Do we need to believe in something bigger than ourselves – God maybe?

What will be required of us to pull together and work together to survive?

I’m not so convinced that we’ll die off through collective suicide (people killing one another through war to the point of extinction will equate to suicide) as I am that we’re – collectively – more apt to do something stupid.  Our collective ego is running the planet, and that – if a higher mind doesn’t prevail – will be our downfall.  Because ego is ultimately stupid.

Ego reminds me of cancer – something so ravenous and sans intelligence that it kills its host, and inevitably – itself.  Maybe we will annihilate ourselves.  Is suicide stupid?  Or is it grief and despair beyond words?

Humans are an interesting species.  We’re strange.  Quirky.  Our potential is fantastic and we’re capable of amazing things.  We’re also stuck in the middle of a game of king of the hill.  That seems to be the mentality.  Those of us not interested in the game are at the mercy of it all the same.  And it’s a downer.  The playground is the planet, so leaving isn’t an option.  So, what to do?  What’s needed – smarts or more $ (power)?  How do we motivate the stupid bullies to consider that they’re listening to their egos instead of their hearts?

I guess it’s just going to take time.  It sure is a good thing the Universe is still expanding.  We’re going to need a lot of it (time) to get this right.

expanding universe

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Juice Fast Lunch – Day 2

I picked up some goodies at the grocery store this morning and it’s only now occurred to me to share that I am – in no way – whatsoever – a cook.  While it isn’t necessary to be one to create vegetable juices, it would be helpful to know how much of what to toss into the Ninja.

DSCF0452 (2)

So, I’m guessing.

1/3 cup cucumber – peeled

2/3 cup broccoli

Handful of peeled baby carrots

Handful of spinach

1/3 of a big tomato

Three big squirts of lemon juice

One can V-8 followed by half a can of water

I said to myself “Jennifer, try to make it taste like a really nice bite of salad.”

Okay, so that didn’t work out.

DSCF0454 (2)

This juice fast I’m following suggests that vegetable juices – as opposed to fruit – are better at convincing the mind that it’s filling.  I’m not so sure I agree.  I think quantity has something to do with how full I’m feeling.

Look at all that mushy greenness!

It’s actually not too terrible and I think the V-8 is doing the magic here.  That and the lemon.

I’m going to have to remember to pick up more toilet paper at the store.

Time for a bike ride!

A River Of Possibilities

What happens is that a person begins to realize that the universe inside their head and heart is bigger than previously thought.  There are a lot of places to go.  And in turn, this brings light to the river of possibilities abundant around them on a daily basis.  This is what happens during the process of life coaching – it catapults one into a mental realm where the future begins to look tempting.  Moments of personal insight and the awareness of choice become empowering.

Nothing happens by chance.

Think about it.

Everything you have ever done – every choice you have made – (how old are you?) has led you to this very moment.

You’re reading my blog.

Cause and effect own the throne.


Are you following when you should be leading? Maybe it’s time to find a new direction and forge your own path. ~ Ant

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Juice #Fasting – Day 1 Of 8

The toaster is no longer on the kitchen counter.  The food items in the refrigerator are going into the trash.  I finished off the most important stuff – M&Ms, tortilla chips, most of the expensive bread … beans, potatoes, sausage, eggs, and Italian soda.

TillamookThe cheese stays.

I keep telling myself to expect sweeping hunger pains and mood swings.  I may even be talking myself into a bad mood just thinking about what’s to come.

I used to go days without eating when I drank, but I was never hungry so it didn’t matter.  I really enjoy tasty food – especially crunchy stuff – so I imagine this isn’t going to be very much fun by early evening.

Coffee will remain on the menu as the one vice I’m not giving up.  It’s just too important.  The only thing I’ll be chewing for the next eight days is gum.  And I’m still undecided on whether or not to blow $300.00 on a juicer.

Any suggestions – anyone?

One thing I may have missed the mark on is how little – if anything – I’ll be saving at the grocery store.  Organic fruits and vegetables are expensive and it’s going to take a lot of them to make 6 – 8 servings of juice a day.  I normally spend around $75.00 a week for food items.




Coming into sobriety isn’t about emerging from a maze – it’s about coming through a haze.  A thick haze.

A haze of murk.

When I look back on the madness that is alcoholism, I see an internal life tossed about like debris in a hurricane.  The clarity required to navigate a maze back then didn’t exist.  Think Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

No Bueno.

There aren’t too many good reasons to take trips down memory lane anymore.  The future is too bright.

bright future



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Happy = Strawberries

If I had to guess, I’d go with maybe 98%.  That’s how much of my body I don’t control.  It has a mind of its own and does what it wants – when it wants.   It grows my hair and nails at a pace that’s convenient for it.  It tells me when to go to the bathroom, when to go to sleep, when to eat, and when I’m happy or angry.  It tells me when I’m sick and when I’m horny.  I don’t have a say in any of this stuff and the list goes on.

I have a hard time controlling my appetite and the amount of lip I give. I find it challenging to control my speed behind the wheel, my shopping online, and I used to have a huge issue with controlling the amount of alcohol I drank.  Couldn’t even remotely pull that one off.

Today, I’m focusing on controlling myself from tossing a bag of M&Ms into my cart at the grocery store.  And when the craving for them comes on – as it is right now – I’m controlling myself from running to the mini-market by keeping my fingers and mind busy on something important.  Like blogging.   And today is the 356th day in a row that I’ve controlled my drinking.  I haven’t had a drink today.  Controlling my intake of alcohol has reduced the number of times I go through withdrawal each morning to ZERO.  Things are looking good these days.

It turns out that the stuff I can control – some of it is stuff I wasn’t even aware of.  For example – I can control how to live my life in a way that addresses – on a daily basis – the things I need and value; like quiet, space around me, nature, and time to be creative.  Doing this makes me happy.  Go figure.  Happy is a big deal.  Most everyone has this freedom, but plenty of people would argue with me.  They would argue for their limitations and then get angry with the driver in front of them on the highway – the guy going the speed limit.


Go figure.

But I get it because I used to do it.

It’s insane.

And the stuff that I can’t control in my body – thank God I don’t have to.  My body is just so smart.  It’s never late for work and it never asks for a day of and it never complains (unless I treat it badly).  I’m happy to let it run the show (usually) so that I can focus on living in alignment with my heart.  Listening to it and learning to speak its language is how I’ve become aware of my needs and values.  That’s what is bringing me bushels of happy these days and I’m discovering – and this is super cool – that happy is related to CONFIDENCE!


  It’s like opening the refrigerator door every morning and finding a fresh bowl of strawberries each time!



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