Preparing For An 8 Day + Fast

Now that I’ve been sober for a year, it’s time to try something new.  These days, when a random idea persists, I have to consider that it’s something I ought to be paying attention to.  So – a fast is on the horizon.  I’ve never tried one.  I’ve never even been on a diet.

It never occurred to me that fasting might bring me closer to God, but that’s what the websites I kept finding were suggesting.  I just thought fasting would be a good way to segue into a healthier diet and lifestyle.  But who knows.  This will be a new adventure.  I may very well go into some kind of hypnotic salt, fat, protein, carb, dairy, and sugar-free trance like state where spiritual experiences reign. Could be interesting.

And I do like the idea of being closer to God.

Okay – so the fast will follow this schedule: an eight-day juice only fast, followed by three days of ‘coming off’ (adding several small fruit and vegetable salads with cottage cheese dressing) followed by another ten days of a 75% raw food diet.  Not quite sure what all that will entail, but I’ll be a googling raw food fool by then.

That’s 21 days.

If anyone would like to share some yummy tips, they’ll be much appreciated!

I think what I’m most looking forward to is losing cravings for chocolate (as I visually undress a bag of M&Ms on the coffee table).  This is going to be a very healthy thing to do for my body and this is why I’m doing it.  My body survived years of alcohol abuse and now I want to give it a smooth ride with liquid goodness.

Currently, my diet consists of vegetable soups, salmon, the occasional piece of grass-fed beef, black beans, eggs/cheeses, chips and hot salsa, spinach salads with colorful veggies, coffee/cream/honey, fruit juices, Ensure (it’s true – back from my Betty Ford days), tea, frozen veggie burgers, and M&Ms.   I rarely eat carbs outside plain tortilla chips, though I did just buy some decent ($6.00/loaf) wheat bread when my family was here last weekend.

I guess I’ll just have to eat it.

After playing with numerous fasting terms on google, I finally found this: and this:, and this:

And thank goodness I already have one of these!  It’ll have to do unless I decide to buy a juicer. NNIt’ll be sad putting the toaster away, but it’s only going two feet up into the cabinet.  I’ll live.

In preparation, I’m going to finish all the food in the kitchen and start buying only organic fruits and vegetables.  That way, I won’t have anything to cheat on plus I’ll start getting used the introduction of new plain flavors.  Organic fruits and vegetables will be the only things going into the NN, and hence – my belly.

As a way to keep my brain and fingers busy outside what I normally do, I’ll be blogging more photos, clever recipe ideas, $ saved at the grocery store,  and I’ll probably do a bit of bitch and moan.  Actually – I’m interested to see what comes to mind to blog about.


This is the true and sad state of affairs going on in my cabinet and refrigerator.  Once it’s all gone and replaced with new raw foods, I’ll update with new photos. DSCF0451

21 days is a long time.  That’s what I said when I’d made it three weeks without a drink.  Today, I’ve gone 372 days without alcohol.

I think I can handle a 21 day fast/raw food diet.

For the record – I’m 5’5″ and weigh 120.

Time starts Monday, 22 May and ends 12 June.


Deja-Vu & the Skirt

It’s difficult to reconcile familiarity with a skirt from a second-hand store with the fact that I’ve never owned it before.  Nevertheless – I am most certain that this is a long lost skirt of mine – even though I’ve owned it for less than 48 hours.

Does everyone in early sobriety – or anyone anywhere – experience strange bouts of deja-vu, synchronicities, and internal ‘pushes’?  By push, I mean just that – it feels like I’m being gently pushed toward some ideas and – or – to do some things.  For example – I felt the push to stop at a second-hand store to look at clothes – something I never do.  And the idea to take my dog to work has been ebbing to the forefront of my mind all week. I’ve been very aware of pushing it back – out of the way, but  I finally relented this morning and took him.  And for some weird reason – I could feel that it was the right thing to do.

What IS that?

My new sober lifestyle is bringing fun and mysterious perks I couldn’t have anticipated.

I wonder what’s going to happen next?

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